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All Hail The LG Tone Free Earbuds – The feel

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Wireless earbuds are continuously outwitting the traditional cabled earphones as well as Bluetooth powered headphones as mobile phone and electronics manufacturers go head to head to outshine each other at a time when wireless earbuds are the new norm.  Over the years I have had a run in with a couple of these gadgets and what’s there to report? The LG Tone Free HBS FN6 and FN4 series earbuds stand tall.


I must say that this latest release has fascinated me all round. This package comes with two excellently designed earbuds with an in-ear scheme and are lighter in weight. The two wireless earbuds come in a charging case with an integrated battery, a short USB-A to USB-C cable, and a triple treat (small/medium/large) silicone gel earbud tips to fit and suit all users.

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The pouch, which is also its charging case is covered with black soft touch material that makes it easy to hold and keeps the case from sliding off a table. It is a small round pouch, 2.15 inches in diameter and just over an inch thick but with very interesting capabilities.


There is a pairing button on the left side of the case, in case your phone doesn’t automatically pick up the earbuds when you open the case you can go ahead and pair manually.

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Like the previous model, the LG Tone Free HBS FN6 and FN4 models also supports wireless charging. You simply place the charging case on a Qi wireless charger or smartphone that supports reverse wireless charging and voila, it charges seamlessly. However, the SB-C port used for cable charging is on the back of the carrying case and enables fast charging of the earbuds.

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When in the pouch, the two earbuds rest on three gold charging pins and are magnetically held very securely in place. The magnetic design is very strong, which helps to get perfect alignment for each earbud and keeps them in position for continuous charging.


Finally Found the one…

All these years of wireless earbuds technology and I think I finally found one that actually sticks with me. One of my biggest problems has been having any kind of earbuds stick to my ear canal. I have tried out all the newest models in the market and none has stuck to my ear like the LG Tone Free range. The design has ensured more of its weight is inclined towards the inner part of the ears thus it relatively defies gravity, now that’s brilliant.

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And, well, while in there, its comfortable and non-irritating. While at it, I even went jogging wearing the earbuds and they did not at any time fall off.


The HBS-FN6 and HBS-FN4 come in two colors: matte Stylish Black and glossy Modern White and are IPX4 rated. IPX4 is a water resistance rating that signifies that these earbuds are not 100% water resistant but they are protected against splashing water, rain or perspiration, allowing you to use them as you work out and sweat, and in light rains as well as accidental splashes of water and they will be just fine.

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All in all, the hardware is solid and a great improvement from the previous version. This model promises a better user experience.

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