Bomas of Kenya Employees Decry CEO Irregular Appointment, Reign of Impunity

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Employees of Bomas of Kenya are out to debunk the falsehood that Okiya Omtatah Okoiti is a human rights activist.

. They claim, Omtatah disturbed an orderly and competitive process of recruiting the General Manager/CEO of Bomas of Kenya about one and a half years ago, and covertly colluded with the management,  appointed one that calls himself ‘deep state’ and reigns on employees with inane terror, besides disrespecting the law and court orders.


‘We, the members of staff of Bomas of Kenya, are reeling under the yoke of Peter Gitaa’s appointment to the position of CEO Bomas of Kenya – an irregular appointment that appears not to bother the relevant government ministries, agencies, and departments. Further, a board that was indicted by activist Omtatah as lacking public participation at its formation suddenly became untainted between the filing of the Petition No. 2 of 2020 by Omtatah and today.

During this period, tenders by Bomas of Kenya have been awarded to companies associated with members of the board and management, single sourcing has been a norm at Bomas of Kenya and new members of staff are employed without adhering to the circular by The National Treasury and without competitive processes. Further, members of staff are routinely intimidated through unwarranted threats, warnings letters, and dismissals. Who will save us from this so-called ‘Deep State’?’

reads the employees statement seen by


According to the irate employees, activist Okiya Omtatah Okoiti  filed Petition No. 2 of 2020 at the Employment & Labour Relations Court on 7th January 2020. The ex parte orders granted by the court were the stay of the process of interviews, recruitment, selection, and appointment of a substantive holder to the office of General Manager and Chief Executive Officer for Bomas of Kenya Limited following the declaration of a vacancy in that office and inviting applications in the publication of vacancy closing the applications by Monday, 11th November 2019.

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Among the documents that Omtatah used to support the petition was a letter by Independent Board member, Mrs. Layi Jaber Khamis, who passionately wrote about corruption within the board.

Okiya Omtatah is now being accused of single handedly planting Impunity at Bomas of Kenya. The  employees claim Omtatah is being used by the management to postpone court cases by repeatedly filing injunctions.


“What made Omtatah backtrack on the petition? members of Bomas of Kenya staff would like to know this. This process has caused unprecedented impunity at Bomas of Kenya, and we, the members of staff of Bomas of Kenya are hurting as the architects of this unlawful process enjoy,’

reads the statement in part.


It is alleged that contrary to the Treasury Circular that froze employment in the public sector, and required that any new employments get authority from The National Treasury, the Bomas of Kenya management has employed many members of staff through processes that are not competitive, with the beneficiaries being people that are aligned to members of the board and management.


‘While this may not appear injurious to us, it has contributed to the terror and unwarranted harassment of we, the old members of staff, because some of the duties allocated to the new employees overlap those of the old employees. Consequently, we, the old employees, are harassed by management, given unwarranted warning letters, and arbitrarily dismissed.


The Board and Management has also been accused of working in harmony to frustrate members of staff. Policies are formulated to deny them their rights making them powerless.

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‘It would be interesting for the investigative agencies to open up the lid on this institution by examining which members of the board and management have links to the companies awarded to deliver various jobs at Bomas of Kenya from the time that Okiya Omtatah ‘hijacked’ the institution.’


Some of the areas the employees want looked into include; who was awarded the tenders to provide health insurance to members of staff and board members, who represented the institution in Okiya Omtatah’s Petition No. 2 of 2020, the tender to provide staff pension services, supplies during the events that have been held at Bomas of Kenya, etc.

Policy Formulation…

Since the alleged Okiya Omtatah ‘Deep State’ leadership began to rule at Bomas of Kenya, members of staff are not involved in any way in policy formulation. Everything is done by management and imposed on employees.

The Management, they say openly calls employees illiterate and backward. The Board and its illegally selected management have revised Human Resource policies to be used to rule, without employee participation.

We call on SCAC and PSC to come and help us deal with this impunity that has gone overboard.

Salary Payment/Staff Compensation Irregularities…

The salaries that are paid to employees here are determined by the CEO, he awards salary amounts that please him as compared to what Treasury releases for each employee. Do we have laws and their enforcers here in Kenya? this is happening to us while new members of staff aligned to board members and ministry officials are earning exceedingly more than is allowed for the entry level in their respective job groups,’


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The employees now want  all Kenyans to know what is going on at Bomas of Kenya, and the state
agencies that are responsible for combating impunity and corruption to step up and  restore sanity at this institution.


‘The Bomas of Kenya is a state corporation, which is supported by taxpayers’ money, and therefore all Kenyans and members of civil society are encouraged to come and question these matters and help us keep Bomas of Kenya free from these ills. We expect competitiveness and merit in all employments and appointments so that we stop the ‘Deep State’ leadership that is making this great institution suffer.’


they conclude.

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