Why Tekno and a decent stage performance are Miles a part

September 11, 2017 : 9:49 / 2 comments

Nigerian singer (if we can still call him that) Augustine Miles Kelechi popularly known by his stage name Tekno Miles’ shoddy performance is yet another reason for Kenyans to embrace their own artistes and …

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Jack Jack to take on the beat at new Kaka empire recording studio

: 8:03 / 0 comments

Artiste management label Kaka Empire, has signed on talented Producer Jack Jack On The Beat. He joins the label as the head producer at the newly opened Kaka Empire Studios. Jack joins King Kaka, …

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The perfect recreation of a ‘lost’ diamond – Diamond Platnumz feat Rayvanny

September 9, 2017 : 12:42 / 0 comments

Love can crystallize things. When love is in the air, distressing rain can become a wonderful avalanche of shimmering diamonds just like Diamond Platnumz’s adaptation and arrangement of Saida Karoli’s ‘Salome’ originally done in …

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How to be Jaguar

: 12:42 / 0 comments

1. Be born Charles Njagua Kanyi, aim high and coin yourself a high-end name; Jaguar. 2. Be a musician and kick off a music career that not many people believe in and show the …

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