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Why Do We Hate Our Women So Much?

January 31, 2019 : 19:09 / 0 comments

In the wake of Metoo and surviving R.kelly,  it is becoming more apparent that as a society, we just hate our women. Last year alone, we butchered so many women I lost count and my calm. We …

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Remittances in 2018 stare a higher growth

December 17, 2018 : 19:14 / 0 comments

In its advance 2018 report, Global Knowledge Partnership on Migration and Development (KNOMAD) Brief 30, affirms cross-border money transfer is still an indispensable component of the global economy after noting a further accelerated remittance …

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Suspension of US-China Trade war is an allure to rapid investments in the global economy

December 6, 2018 : 15:59 / 0 comments

When the US and China, the world’s largest economies pursued a trade war early 2018 experts claimed that it would slow the global economy. The Associated Press reported on July 18, 2018 that experts …

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The Friendship Contract; No one owes you anything, accept and move on!

February 26, 2018 : 2:21 / 1 comments As is, we have heard enough people come out in the public with a pitiful story, people whose lifestyles we envied, people whose pictures we pinned up on our bedroom walls as kids, …

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Don’t question my opinion; I am on twitter!!

February 21, 2018 : 5:23 / 0 comments

Being on twitter must be the coolest and most amazing thing to do in this century, and frankly, people on twitter especially Kenyans on Twitter, Famously known as KOT, think they have made it …

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OPINION: Truth, Justice and reconciliation on Kenya’s election

October 29, 2017 : 8:28 / 0 comments

I write today with a heavy heart, trying to speak the truth that many of us have been conditioned to silence. Our privileges are making us rationalize the despicable as acceptable. This is not …

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OPINION : Our Country is headed towards a cliff

October 22, 2017 : 7:39 / 0 comments

By Tony Kimani As usual, we are told, to avoid this imminent catastrophe, what we should do, every one of us, is to kneel down and pray. In fact, a whole day has been …

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Diamond Platnumz is a cheating bastard, let’s leave it at that!

September 25, 2017 : 9:53 / 1 comments

So, we already know every dirty detail about Bongo singing sensation and Wasafi Records CEO Diamond Platnumz and the very beautiful video vixen Hamisa Mobetto who starred as his queen in the recreation of …

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Parents are to blame for brats behaving badly

September 11, 2017 : 10:12 / 0 comments

So, we all woke up to breaking news that some 14 year olds had a Whats app group and instead of comparing notes on their latest hairstyles, boyfriends even, they were plotting a murder. …

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