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NRG Radio Flips Roles in New Exciting Twist

NRG Radio has decided to flip the script by reshuffling presenters in a mega shake-up.
Presenters from the four shows that run every weekday will host each other’s show in an exciting move dubbed the #NRGMayhem Week.
Natalie Githinji, Charlie Karumi and DJ Shawn will now host the #NRGBreakfast while Shaq the Yungin, DJ Twinnizle, Sean Prezzy and Daryakish will host the midmorning show #NRGAMShow. Radio veteran Mwalimu Rachel and Dj  Xclusive take over the #NRGTransit which was the first ever show launched on NRG Radio while Reedah, Hype Guda, Ibu and DJ Niche will host the #NRGCircle.
The shake –up gives the presenters the opportunity to experience the various dynamics of the different shows and provides opportunity to innovate and create on a wider spectrum given the global shift that the pandemic has brought with it.

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Charlie Karumi said of the #NRGMayhem week, “My watchman still can’t believe that he has to let me out of the gate before 5 every morning, but it’s all worth it when I send him salaams on air on the #NRGBreakfast Club! Seriously though I’m really enjoying the learning and the growth of the #NRGMayhem week”
 “I’m loving being on Transit in the afternoon as I can have a lie in and don’t have to get up so early.”
added Mwalimu Rachel.
Darya Kish said of the move, “Moving to the #NRGAMshow is an amazing opportunity to do such a popular show. Sean, Shaq, DJ Twinizzle and I were so excited to be asked. We are really enjoying bringing the late night craziness to the NRG listeners in the daytime.
NRG Radio prides in shaping the future of Entertainment by connecting consumers with high-quality and personalised content via Internet, Mobile, Film, Sound, Print and Cross-Media in all possible forms of distribution.

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The radio station that was launched 2 years ago has grown to become a household name and thought leader in 360 entertainment offering through Visual Radio, TV, Digital Platforms and Next Generation entertainment experiences as well as e-Sports and Online Gaming.

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