Family Group Foundation, Adanian Labs Sponsor 100 Youth To Train In Animation, Software Engineering and AI

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100 youth between 18-30 years have received scholarships to advance skills in animation, software engineering and artificial intelligence through a partnership between Family Bank and Adanian Labs.


Speaking during the commissioning of the beneficiaries of the ICT project Family Bank CEO Rebecca Mbithi noted,


“There is no industry that is alive to the digital revolution like the banking sector. The COVID pandemic and innovations in the sector such as mobile money have been key accelerators in the uptake of digitization in Kenya. We believe that through these scholarships we can build capacity for our youth in key skills that will add value to the digital economy.”


The five-month-long training program seeks to drive the growth of the creative and tech industries that are experiencing rapid growth globally in both entertainment and commercial value. The training collaborates with both local and international trainers from the U.S.A, U.K., among other countries to bridge the skill gap, build robust solutions and deploy smart solutions.



“We are looking to spur the creation of over 300 startups in Africa by creating a movement of young people who will transform this continent and in turn own value and create more jobs. This can only happen through a mental shift to believe enough that we can do formidable, phenomenal things,”

said Adanian Lab CEO & Founder John Kamara.


Adanian Lab CEO John Kamara,Family Bank CEO Rebecca Mbithi, Animation Student Mariam Lethome&Family Group Foundation Director Annie Muya during commissioning of 100 youth under KES 5M sponsorship for animation, AI & software development training. PHOTO/COURTESY


The Treasurer of the Association of Animation Artistes Kenya and the Lead Faculty at Africa Digital Media Institute Dennis Mbuthia further added, “I am more confident that when Disney and other productions outside Kenya knock at the Association’s door, we can confidently say here’s our talent and local content. This is a great opportunity for us to be stewards of African content that can be taken up not only just here in Kenya but globally.”

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The Lab is headquartered in Nairobi Kenya, with a presence in Nigeria, Zambia, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania and The United Kingdom


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