LG charts new territory with Net Zero homes that embrace the earth day spirit

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Admittedly, in today’s world, homes are increasingly being designed and built sustainably.

With the growing number of people especially the young generation living the dream of owning a home that is technologically connected to lower carbon footprint, eco-friendly buildings are more important now than ever before.

Net zero homes. can involve a wide variety of construction and operation attributes that make a home more environmentally friendly than others in some way. These characteristics can include using sustainably sourced building materials and taking advantage of renewable energy, such as solar power. One of the main tenets of an eco-friendly home, though, is energy saving and efficiency.

In an innovative effort to allow our homes to effectively improve our environment just by living in them, earlier this year, LG unveiled Net Zero homes in an initiative to achieve clean energy in our residential space.

The two state-of-the-art showcase houses – The New American Home and The New American Remodel- presented the wonders of an LG-solar-powered house filled with energy-efficient consumer electronics, appliances and air solutions delivering high performance, connectivity and convenience.

With Net Zero homes, the goal is to transform homes into a high-performance, high-tech space by integrating today’s building and appliance innovations to reduce energy consumption, increase efficiency and enhance daily life.

Indeed, another important feature of a eco-friendly home is the use of energy-efficient appliances. LG’s eco-friendly smart appliances like the energy star certified refrigerators, LG WashTower, dishwashers, LG Studio WashTower, LG Styler clothing care systems, efficient HVAC systems among others, are the signature components of a Net Zero home.

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Of particular interest in achieving environmental sustainability and appealing designs for the Net Zero home, is the rooftop installations of high-efficiency solar modules from residential renewable energy leader LG Business Solutions. Forty LG NeON 2 60-cell modules help power each home to support their Net Zero designs.

The popular high-efficiency modules generate more power from the same amount of sunlight than lower-efficiency modules of the same size while blending in unobtrusively to the look and feel of the home’s design

This pioneering development by LG has demonstrated the multi-dimensional impact that a well-designed, energy-efficient and healthy home can have on the environment.

True to it, today, most people have come to realize, as LG do, that environmentally friendly homes are the best and most meaningful way we can change the world for years to come. LG Net Zero home concept, is therefore expected to redefine the market at a time when eco-friendly homes are gaining embrace in the mass market.

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