LG Home Concept that Uses Solar to Promote Carbon Neutral Living

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In 2015, the global community signed the United Nations Paris Agreement to cut back on emissions so as to reduce global warming to less than 1.5 degrees Celsius by 2050.


This catapulted the world into an urgent race to cut Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions to net-zero meaning no additional emissions into the atmosphere.

Environmental experts say this can be achieved by developing energy saving technologies that significantly reduce GHG emissions in homes and other buildings.

An increasing number of environmentally-conscious people are paying more attention to eco-friendly home designs that also incorporate home appliances that conserve water and energy.

As such there is a growing trend where the environmental impacts of buildings are factored in during their entire building life cycle from design to construction, operation, renovation and even demolition. People increasingly want houses that have minimal negative impact on the environment.


This is exactly the principle behind the LG “Green Home” concept.

Early this year, LG unveiled the Net Zero homes featuring innovative technologies that reduce power consumption, increase efficiency and enhance daily life within a domestic setting.

Imagine living in such an emission-free home and paying less electricity bills – healthy for the body and the wallet! The reality of Green Homes for a Green Planet is finally here!

The new LG smart home energy management system is designed to optimize consumption of solar power using smart controls and appliances. The solar-powered homes by LG are also fitted with energy-saving consumer appliances, electronics and air solutions. Such smart appliances consume much less energy thus minimizing the carbon footprint of the home.

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For example, the advanced solar technology in the LG Green Home features LG NeON 2 60-cell modules that generate more power from the same amount of sunlight than lower-efficiency modules of the same size. The modules are designed with LG’s “cello technology” for durability and reliable performance.


The LG-solar-powered house is not just functional but also packs aesthetic appeal. The solar power modules blend in with the design of the house, eliminating that familiar ugly look of contraptions on your roof. Talk of beauty and efficiency coming together in such an environmentally-friendly setting.


With such an innovative home concept, it makes logical sense to install smart appliances that consume less energy but deliver more comfort and stylish living than conventional models.

For instance, LG refrigerators with the groundbreaking Inverter Linear Compressor technology that controls temperature so precisely that food does not go bad with 32 per cent energy saving.

The “Green Home” concept fits in perfectly with LG’s global sustainability agenda of achieving net-zero carbon emissions from its operations and products by 2030 through its Zero-Carbon Initiative. LG has initiated many projects geared to achieving this goal.


For example, the LG Carbon Fund was established in 2017 to support the development of GHG-reducing technologies and solutions. All profits from the Fund are used in initiatives to cut GHG emissions. This underscore’s LG’s seriousness about combating climate change as part of the Sustainable Development Goals (Goal No. 15).


LG is also actively involved in the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) global initiative to reduce harmful emissions through investing in environmentally-friendly technology and capital in developing countries. This includes development of renewable energy sources where LG has built a legacy as a trusted supplier of renewable energy products like the Solar Car roof.

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