MP : These conditions must be met before Mount Kenya region votes for Ruto in 2022

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MP : These conditions must be met before Mount Kenya region votes for Ruto in 2022

Nyeri Town constituency Member of Parliament Ngunjiri Wambugu has maintained that the Mount Kenya region will not automatically back Deputy president William Ruto’s 2022 presidential bid.

Reacting to a comment made by a Rift Valley Member of Parliament in Nyeri insinuating that the Rift Valley region had voted and supported Uhuru Kenyatta for 10 years, and it was not out of stupidity and that in 2022 they must ‘return the favour’, the legislator now says William Ruto must meet certain thresholds in order to be considered for the top seat in 2022.

For those who keep trying to scare me that I will not be re-elected in 2022 in Nyeri, for speaking my mind, please note that I have not been elected for 2022; I was elected for the 2017/2022 period. This term has its expectation and dynamics. It would therefore be immoral for me to keep quiet if and when I see something wrong happening now, because I am scared that my comments will hurt my chances in 2022. The Nyeri MP seat is not my seat. It belongs to the people of Nyeri. God and the people of Nyeri will decide who serves Nyeri in 2022/2027. And personally am happy with this,’

said the MP.

Nyeri Town Constituency Member of Parliament Ngunjiri Wambugu addressing residents of Nyeri County at the funeral of Nyeri County Woman MP’s sister.

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Honorable Ngunjiri went ahead to state that as an individual and for the small circle of influence  he might have, their support will be conditional on three things;

1. How we finish this term. My vote will go to the person who finishes strong as far as securing HE Uhuru Kenyatta’s legacy is concerned. (As we all know in politics it’s not how one starts, its how you finish, that counts)

2. How much freedom we are allowed to have to disagree politically. I will not vote for someone who imagines that I cannot disagree – of course respectful – with him or her politically. That if I do the response is subtle threats of how ‘bad things could happen’ especially to innocent people far from where I am. This is wrong and must be stopped, completely, now. There will always be political disagreement. It cannot lead to harm, especially to innocents.

3. What is in it for ‘us’. Us here is not personal to me. It’s about what my constituency & my region. How will we benefit from that presidency? This is why my vote will be based on more than a debt. Politics is about interests.


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