Nebulazz faces ‘arrest’ for ‘overloading’ in new hit music video

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Nebulazz faces ‘arrest’ for ‘overloading’ in new hit music video

Multi talented Songwriter and performer NEBULAZZ a k a ZE DON GAGA has released a brand new music video featuring actor, entertainer and now ‘quasiparlandorist‘ Alex Mathenge.


The new music video dubbed ‘Gari weka kando’ features a ‘ngojera’ delivered in an argumentative alteration. Taking on a quadruple beat laced in the sound of local ‘kapugenge‘ beat and an urban dance hall feel, the track kicks off in an intro parlando by Alex: ‘Yeeah, Ni Nebulazz, Ze Don Gaga, Na Alex Mathenge, Okey, Serikali na Raia, kwa beat moja, Community Policing, Niko kwa beat leo, hihii, Mavo on the Beat’.


Nebulazz and Alex take on the opening lyrics in chorus introducing the song in a repetitive emphasis consider the lyrics ; Afisa, Afisa, Hii Gari weka kando, Gari yangu haina shida, Gari weka kando, Kuna kachai, Wacha hiyo maneno yako, Aiiiii, Kijana weka gari kandoo X2.

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The story line is simple, well thought out and a common occurrence in Kenya. Nebulazz is flagged down by a traffic police officer who insists on ‘harassing’ him even though he has committed no offense. Check out his lyrical rant that gets great response from Alex in typical police fashion;   Niko, niko, round zangu na, Gari yangu na,Dame wangu na, Tunaenda kwangu, Karao amenona kama nguruwe, Na gari yangu anataka aikague, Eeeeh, lazima nikague, Umetoka wapi, unaenda wapi? Gari ni ya nani, sura kama nyani, Na huyu ni nani? Anaitwa Kanini, Mmetoka wapi? Tumetoka Carni, Kufanya nini? Kukula Majani, Ayayaya, utalala ndani. Mkubwa mkubwa, afisa afisaa, Mkubwa ni wewe, tokeni nje, tokeni. Ai, na huyu Kanini amebeba, si hii ni excess? Kijana unabeba excess? Ai!

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Verse two takes on a different direction. Cornered, Nebulazz resorts to bribing the police officer so he can get his woman home but fails to strike a deal as the cop is mesmerized by the woman’s beauty and takes interest in her. Consider the lyrics ; ‘Afisa usinikazie, tuelewane nikupeleke na rieng, Rieng ni Gari ya kwenda wapi? Makosa yako, unaniita mkubwa, Unanijua, unajua cheo yangu, Niko na kilo ngapi? Wewe, wacha hiyo maneno bwana, Aaaai,Kwani mimi ni rika yako? Kwenda huko, in which Nebulazz responds:  Afisa, do you know me? Do you know who I am don’t bwogo me!

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Alex angrily responds: ‘Of course, I don’t know you,Nafaa kukujua?  Kwanza enda leta hiyo license! Na wewe msichana, unaitwa nani, unatoka wapi? Si twende kwangu? Nipatie number yako kwanza, Wewe ni exhibit!

Beat ya Mavo has done a good job in this track, the storyline is super relatable and the two artistes deliver a comical performance on this track. The simple video and setting gives it the much needed authenticity for a lovely music video. Thumbs up!

Rating: ****

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