TV Girls Are Giving Relationships A Bad Name!

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TV Girls Are Giving Relationships A Bad Name!

First it was Betty Kyalo cheating on News anchor and then husband Dennis Okari, then came the much publicized twins by state house comptroller with Anne Kiguta but before the dust could settle screen slayer Lilian Muli was already over her first marriage and was now trending with a second pregnancy from business man Jared Ombongi.

The pregnancy was publicized on TV like her unborn child was to be ordained the Messiah; instantly triggering the second coming of Christ Jesus. We all thought her new relationship would be a happily ever after fairy tale. We couldn’t breathe in peace just because Lily was pregnant. Well, it seems Lily at the peak of the festive season , was visited by wise men from the West who convinced her to move on to the next.

Her announcement however, through social media that she is now single has come as a shocker to many a fans and ‘haters’ a like. She posted on Instagram yesterday:

I’m officially single and will now focus on raising my boys. As public figures we meet all sorts of people and most just want trophies whether you are well known or not, be very careful who you allow into your life don’t go giving your heart to everyone.

Sociopaths Will keep you entangled in their web of lies and you will be one of their many victims. when you actually believe someone is true to you only to find out they are community husbands you are safer stepping aside.

Nobody should ever tag me in posts about Jared Ombongi who has previously been associated with me I disassociate myself from such links from today. As politicians say “I would rather die” than be linked to a polygamist! Narcissism is real.

Stay woke. I speak out because no one will ever embarrass me again. People ask why put your stuff out there? Well it’s because next time you see Mr community husband don’t give him the credit of saying that’s Lillian’s man. I am actually very blessed I have two wonderful men in my life Joshua Munene and Liam Francis and that’s all I need.”

I am not going to say I saw this coming, but I actually did! See, socialites(all pun intended) who sleep with married men for material gain are responsible for the rot in our society. Lilian Muli can not cry wolf at the last minute because just like her socialite TV girls, she has been on the same path dating rich married men, accusing the man of cheating, orchestrating a break up and asking for a hefty child support. These women have a special corner in hell. Why do these ‘heartbroken’ socialites think they qualify to be motivational speakers and truth ambassadors once they are dumped? Who asked them to shame men and speak on behalf of women?

Under siege…

It is unfair that suddenly, Lily has realized that Jared is a ‘community husband’ yet the man was married and had kids even before he hit it off with her. Why is she announcing it to us now? We were never consulted when they started dating , so Lily should have kept her relationship out of social media. The relationship should have ended in secret just like it started. Furthermore, it is immoral for her to call Jared a community husband when she is a ‘community wife’. When she was married to Kanene, she was accused of cheating on the husband with several men and it all came to pass without a social media rant from the victim.

Women all over the world are heartbroken all the time and hers is not a special case, she should have cried it out in her bedroom, drowned her sorrows in a bottle of wine and several tequila shots and began the healing process quietly because as much as you can rant about anything on social media, it is very important to not rant about your relationship. Or even lack of it! As it is, we have already had enough of her on ‘pregnant with Lily’.

The problem with socialites is that they dismiss good men who are potential husbands just because their bank accounts are not ‘fat’ enough. They then end up with ‘moneyed’ married men and hope to oust the main woman. When they fail, the man becomes the villain.

I am not going to sympathize with Ill mannered and gold digging TV girls, Betty as we all know is now also single, never mind that her public affair with 001 left many mouths agape. Don’t even get me started on Jacque Maribe and yes even Atwoli’s latest wife is actually another TV girl!

Give us a break girls; Men cheat all the time , and women do it better! For your information dear Lily, Jared was cheating on his wife when he was dating you in secret and we wouldn’t have found out if you hadn’t gotten pregnant. Now you think he is a player? No, the man is a football club owner!

Well, it looks like Lilian is done serving the community and while she moves on to the next victim, we all should stop sympathizing and let her know that she is the problem. Afterall, polygamy is legal, go after a potential polygamist and well, do not complain when things go south, and that is the absolute Truth!

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  • Amanda Joy25. Dec, 2018

    Wel wel wel…am not a rltnship xpert,bt dis ma truth…
    Time waits for no man neither does a good woman.
    No one’s lyf is perfect as their instagram feed…we all go thru dis shit.
    I stand by Lilian,si kwa ubaya.Am not a gold digger,bt am not f*#king with no broke niggers either,
    that’s 4 sure…
    A woman once said, “fuck dis shit” and she lived happily eva afta.

  • Sarah Achieng25. Dec, 2018

    I beg to disagree. Relationships this days are
    just a big scam. Most people getting into one
    with hidden agendas. Men can’t just be comfortable
    with one women and vice versa. But most of the
    time women get in and Ooop they’re in love with
    Fuck boys and community husbands. Such a
    sad error to have a soft loving heart

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