OPINION: Truth, Justice and reconciliation on Kenya’s election

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OPINION: Truth, Justice and reconciliation on Kenya’s election

I write today with a heavy heart, trying to speak the truth that many of us have been conditioned to silence.

Our privileges are making us rationalize the despicable as acceptable. This is not about NASA or Jubliee it is about justice.

And specifically ballot justice. If the elections have taught us anything it is that kenya doesn’t belong to Kikuyu or Kalenjins.

It belongs to Kenyans. The same Kenyans who refused to indulge a rogue process; This is their kenya too.

Consistent, repetitive and unpunished injustice has divided this country and it makes those in denial assume clinging to tribe, will be refuge; it won’t be.

Holding on to tribe because it’s ‘familiar’. Tribe creates a false sense of belonging and security.

Holding on to tribe is the disguise used to blind you to thinking that just because my person is power I am powerful too.

Holding on to tribe is the lie that my person being in higher office, means I am in higher office too. Open your eyes!

We’ve even begun to think that it is ok that Mungiki can come out and kill your neighbor in the name of justice for your tribe.

The consequences of injustice continue to manifest itself and these consequences know no tribe. Look at our healthcare system, education system versus the thriving tenderpreneur economy.

Look at the privatization of public services and how that creates exclusion.

Look at the flooding of foreign products in the country, that is killing local business. So our power is the vote we know it’s the vote but now with that 1 thing that I have you want to abuse it.

And you wonder why we protest?

You want to play musical chairs with the only thing I have that is of value? No I won’t let you!




DISCLAIMER: Opinion piece by Samantha Maina- Ukweli Party, thetruth.co.ke have no rights to this piece.

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