Why Do We Hate Our Women So Much?

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In the wake of Metoo and surviving R.kelly,  it is becoming more apparent that as a society, we just hate our women.

Last year alone, we butchered so many women I lost count and my calm. We hunted down our women like witches, sneaked into their houses, slit open their throats, raped, maimed and hit their heads with blunt objects then chocked and chocked and choked them until their beautiful eyes popped out white and their souls gave up on their bodies.

Before one story could die down and one victim  be laid to rest, we were at it again.  Stabbing women with kitchen knives, raping, maiming  and harvesting infants from their wombs.

We did not stop at that, we went pouring acid on their lifeless bodies leaving them to rot together with the feces in the bushes.

In short, we have taken up the mantle  from the terrorists in doing the most dishonorable things to  our women, treating them like stool, but instead of apologizing, we say “but those are slay-queens”

I don’t even know who we are anymore. What have we turned into? Why do we hate our women so much? We will be fast to condemn a gun wielding terrorist who walks into our malls and opens fire at citizens. But take a moment, let us take a good look at ourselves, isn’t it just amazing how bad our own sins look when it is committed by someone else?

We are the real terrorists here worshiping in churches and mosques and waiting to go to heaven. I dare to say the god of the terrorists is a cold-hearted chauvinistic psychopath who hates women and keeps a beard.

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I still cannot begin to fathom the shock on the faces of the 72 virgins when the bad news will be broken to them. Imagine having to discover after a whole life of saving yourself for the right man that the price for keeping yourself pure was to be bundled together with 71 others into a forced marriage with an ugly and broke murderer with a small member who blew himself up and killed several other women and children while on earth.

The news that they won’t even have the privilege of deciding whom they are going to spend eternity with.

Apparently heaven will just be as cruel for women as is earth. I cannot help but feel sorry for the virgins who will have to endure the agony of having to go to bed with a badly mutilated suicide bomber every single night for eternity.

We have completely given our women nothing to look up to even after death, we are cruel savages.

More women have died of domestic violence than of terrorism in Kenya. Now we, the real terrorists have started it all over again, shifting focus away from the side chics and killing our own wives.

Why? Because they found out about that day she was cooking your favorite meal but you came late in the night saying you are full.

She found out about all the times she prayed for you to get a job and when you did, you took your first salary and you hired hit-men to kill her. Because we got too weak to lead and keep the discipline in our homes.

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We got too greedy to keep just one woman because one woman is usually just about enough woman for a man.

Wife beating may be out of fashion. I doubt if the same holds for us. But we have now resorted to other unconventional ways like emotional violence,  withdrawal of monetary support. We have managed to convince our women to stay at home and wash our inner wears and cook us meals because we “make enough” for both of us. Enough? Absolutely not!! None I know has ever refused more money  just because they have a salary.

Mostly it is the insecurity that comes with the guilt of sleeping with other people’s wives that drives us to try and keep our own out of the sight of other men.

Ever since women started rebelling and going to school, getting better jobs and earning more money, men have come up with all sorts of ways to establish and preserve dominance. Ways to scare their women into submission. We have decided to grow a beard so bushy that if woven together, can be used to tether a goat, a beard so filthy you can almost see some toothpaste and a little bit of yesterday’s soup stain just below the lip.

The bad news is that women are no longer scared of beards, so the men have turned to the only thing they know. Abuse. Physical, emotional and sexual violence. We hate our women, and sometimes it does not show until the news headlines start to read, “police officer shoots wife and self”. And “Senior politician in remand over death of a young woman”.

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Other times, we will be treated to the hate right in the glare of the cameras when the governor opts to reach out for the mother of all slaps, leaving finger prints on the face of  another female leader with the big swing straight-arm whack-slap reserved only for special occasions like infidelity.

R. Kelly may have dodged prosecution all his life, but it is because the men kept quiet when the women were clearly helpless thus enabling him to do what he did to little girls. If you are mistreating a woman, you are a terrorist. If you have raised your finger on a woman, you are a terrorist.

If you cheat on your woman, chances are that it will not end well if she finds out, you’ve tortured her emotionally and wrecked her mental health and you are a terrorist.

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