OPINION : Our Country is headed towards a cliff

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OPINION : Our Country is headed towards a cliff

By Tony Kimani

As usual, we are told, to avoid this imminent catastrophe, what we should do, every one of us, is to kneel down and pray. In fact, a whole day has been set aside for prayers and intercessions. That god should enable, using his omnipotent powers, elections of 26th October, be peaceful.

I have said before, since the nullification of the August 8th Elections, impunity is having a rough time. It is being held by the balls.

If I was not a Kenyan, I could have laughed this National Prayer Day off. How do you pray for peace when you have sent contingent of paramilitary armed with guns and ammunition to a section of the country when all indications are they will not hesitate to shoot residents including old women and children?

The fact that the Govt. is ready to force elections by hook or by crook down our throats, is sufficient indication that the outcome is known. And this outcome is expected to cause unrest, the purpose for the heavy armament sent on “opposition hotbeds.”

Ever since the indigenous Kenyans who fought the European supremacists got a raw deal and never got their land back, the country was set on a path of injustice, impunity with a deeply scarred psyche. They were told to follow on the ways of Jesus Christ. To forgive and forget men who killed and maimed their loved ones in cold blood. Justice never saw the light of day as the perpetrator kept the land that (s)he had acquired through spilling the blood of the victims.

Anyone who raised a finger on this sad turn of events was marked for assassination.

With the help of the fertile soil of cronyism and nepotism in Jomo’s and Moi’s regimes, the seed of impunity grew unabated. The people felt powerless. They couldn’t elect the leaders they wanted. Sycophants got perched and an approved list of representatives came down from State House.

After 2003 things changed but conformists wouldn’t allow this to continue. Kibaki threw out all those who assisted him to the Presidency and made the Mt. Kenya Mafia his sanctified oracle. In 2007, the discontent had reached its peak and the country nearly erupted into a civil war, after the elections were bungled by the incumbent, African style.

In 2013, Kenya reaped a major award.

It elected into high office men accused of crimes against humanity. Afterwards, witnesses disappeared never to be seen again. Others were found dead in forests, their bodies badly decomposed. Others recanted their statements. The cases came crumbling down like a house of cards.

Impunity got more courageous. Heavy borrowing ensued. Looting became the norm. They told us to our faces they will rule until 2032. “Tupende tusipende,” was the subtle message thrown across. In the countdown to the August 8th Elections Uhuru would tell the Turkana, the Maasai, the Kisii and the Kamba communities, in campaign fora, that he would still emerge the winner even if they didn’t vote for him.

“Dunia haitasimama,” he would quip endlessly.

Little did we know what he meant. The IEBC server had been tampered with. An algorithm had been set and the outcome had already been pre-determined. Then Maraga happened and all hell broke loose. Pejoratives were hurled towards his hallowed Court from every corner.

Long story short: the only thing standing between impunity and justice in its entirety is Raira Odinga. He has, at the moment, succeeded in stopping impunity and hubris in its tracks. Call him whatever you want but that’s the bitter truth.

If impunity reigns, then voting in Kenya will become a farce.

For without a doubt, Ruto will become President in 2022, with or without the majority’s consent. Then in 2032, that aristocratic bloke who was reading his speech from the phone the other day, in broken Swahili, will become the President and if you don’t like it you can go hug a transformer.

And uthamakists will ululate that one of them is at the helm. And the debt to GDP ratio will have hit 70%. And more National Prayer Days will be organised to keep the devil at bay.

What a tragedy.

DISCLAIMER: The above commentary is the work of Tony Kimani. thetruth.co.ke does not own the rights to this opinion piece. Find the original piece at:


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