Parents are to blame for brats behaving badly

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Parents are to blame for brats behaving badly

So, we all woke up to breaking news that some 14 year olds had a Whats app group and instead of comparing notes on their latest hairstyles, boyfriends even, they were plotting a murder. Yes murder because what else can you call torching a dormitory full of 300 innocent schoolmates in the dead of night?

What followed, as we all know is that some parents are excusing these brats, going in as far as bringing God in the mix? News flash: God is not evil and he does not allow evil people to get away with evil! Also, there is nothing wrong with saying no to your child, what is this new cool where parents allow their spoilt little brats all leeway?

I know parents whose only source of conversation is how they ‘talk’ with their brats and reason together, But why?

There is a reason you are the parent and they the child. You cannot excuse bad manners.

You cannot blame friends and No you cannot blame the media.

You sit squarely as the parent who is not parenting but playing buddy with their child.

You are looking for bitcoins and bonga points with your child.

You lack authority because you are refusing to be the authority.

So while playing footsie and skirting around the all-glaring parental failure, brats are becoming more vicious because parents have created monsters that are now eating everyone else.

While nodding to the change in technology and the hustle and bustle of making a living, it does not excuse bad parenting or not parenting at all.

We all know the familiar tales of house helps doing everything for the children and at times taking it too far, again who is to blame here?

We all know about parents allowing all access to smart devices to children as young as six months old without employing any parental control measures.

We all cry a river when an X rated show is on TV but cant use the Parental guidance button or simply ask the children to go to bed or because you are cool let them watch something else that is age appropriate?

There is no parenting manual but most of the gaffes are because the modern parent is more concerned about hits, likes and ‘awwws’ than good manners, character and chastity.

Parents are hiding behind technology to excuse bad manners and the results are not palatable; Schools on fire, Orgy parties, Drug addiction, Lazy teens and young adults, Early pregnancies and multiple abortions, Disrespectful toddlers and teens and it will not end there…

Wake up and parent! No one will do it for you and No it’s not being old school its called tough love!

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