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Perfect Connectivity, Sound in the LG Tone Free HBS FN4/6 Earbuds

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We are generally surrounded by noise. Making and receiving calls or listening to your favorite music while surrounded by a lot of noise is usually a nightmare for many. Not anymore. Electronics giant LG has finally rolled out a wireless earbud that blocks out most of the noise in your surrounding leaving you with crisp audio from the earbuds. However, for safety reasons especially when you are outdoors, you may want to hear sounds around you.


Good news is; the earbuds have a solution for this, you simply setup and control ambient sound and you are good to go!

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The LG HBS FN4/6 earbuds boasts of two MEMS (micro-electromechanical system) microphones (one at the top of the earbud and another at the bottom of the stem). The upper microphone is used to assist with noise reduction and echo cancellation while the lower microphone is placed to help pick up your voice during calls and when controlling your voice assistant.



The LG TONE Free earbuds have automatic ear detection so your music pauses when you take them out and your phone also connects automatically once you insert them in your ears. Isn’t that just awesome? This ensures you save battery life whenever they are not in use by disconnecting.

LG in crafting these earbuds partnered with Meridian; an established expert in crafting and delivering innovative, elegant, high performance audio in providing a customized equalizer and headphone spatial processing.

AV TONEFree FN4 Gallery 01
AV TONEFree FN4 Gallery 01

Music sounds excellent with these earbuds, including bass levels. Phone calls also do well. The clarity is good and the sound isolation technology, loud volume capability as well as rocking performance makes these earbuds a compact audio experience and an automatic leader.

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With the help of the LG TONE Free application found both on the Appstore and Playstore it is possible to manage equalizer settings, toggle ambient sound and control the amount of allowable sound to your preference. It’s a very well designed application that significantly enhances the LG TONE Free HBS-FN6 experience. Notification options also allow you to have the TONE Free app read notifications through the earbuds, which can be very useful for hands-free experiences.


The outside touchpad on each earbud is used to control media, phone, and Google Assistant experience. Single, double, and triple taps on each earbud can be customized to your preferences. Options include play/pause, voice command, volume up or down, previous or next track, and off. Receiving a call with a single tap, ending a call with two taps and a long press and hold for ambient sound toggle are not editable.

AV TONEFree FN4 Gallery 03
AV TONEFree FN4 Gallery 03

The Bluetooth wireless connectivity 5.0 that comes with these earbuds offer very good connectivity with most phones ensuring continuous play of music, other audio files as well as clear call sounds.

These earbuds allow you to use each earbud independently too if you want to have one ear open as you work, exercise, or commute. Observably, controls are more limited with a single earbud inserted. There are four default equalizer settings; immersive, bass boost, natural, and treble boost. There are also two spots for custom equalizer settings so you can customize the listening experience to your preferences.

The earbuds are now available at all LG brandshops, online brandshop and hotpoint stores countrywide.

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