From left Mr. Omar Osogo GM for HINO During the hand overevent of 18 HiNo busses to Mr. Hasnain Noorani CEO for Pride Drive

Pride Drive Partners With Toyota Kenya To Provide Corporate Transport Services

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Kenya’s Leading motor vehicle distributor, Toyota Kenya and Pride Drive, a local corporate car hire company have cemented their long partnership by handing over HINO Kenya Buses to cater to the increasing demand of Car hire services after the Government’s directives on the reduced capacity of public transport in line with COVID-19 protocols.


All modes of transport were affected due to limited operability during this time; however, car rental services could be set for a post-coronavirus boom, with industry players anticipating increased demand as commuters turn away from public transport.


“The response by Government over prevention of the COVID-19 pandemic by enacting domestic measures such as social distancing has impacted on our business, as such we have seen more than 35 percent increase in staff transportation interests by major Kenyan corporates especially the buses and vans,”

said Hasnain Noorani, Pride Drive Managing Director.


The Interest in corporate transport has risen sharply as corporates have been looking for alternatives for their staff following the increased reorganized working schedules and fear of the coronavirus spread,” 

said Mr. Noorani.


While making his remarks, HINO General Manager, Mr. Omar Osogo reiterated that the motor vehicle dealer would continue looking for more avenues to be logistics enablers to corporate clients across the country at a time many industries are facing COVID-19 related challenges.


“One thing that we have all learnt from the pandemic is that consumption of locally manufactured products is a sure way of supporting corresponding sectors and generally grow a country’s economy. With Pride Drive adding on to their fleet of Hino buses, we are in a position to support other industries such as the local content category,”

Said Mr. Omar


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Left Mr. Omar Osogo GM for HINO hands over 18 HiNo busses to Mr. Hasnain Noorani CEO for Pride Drive
Left Mr. Omar Osogo GM for HINO hands over 18 HiNo busses to Mr. Hasnain Noorani CEO for Pride Drive. PHOTO/ COURTESY


Mr. Omar added that in addition to the 18 HINO buses, the partnership between Toyota Kenya and Pride Drive will see the corporate car hire company acquire 100 buses by 2025.


Pride Drive is an independent car rental Company dedicated to the provision of safe, clean, reliable and environmentally friendly transportation for their clientele in line with the high standards. Constantly working towards meeting the needs of their clients, they strive for an enabling environment where a motivated staff provides the best service. They are committed to their Clients, their Staff, the Transportation Industry, the Environment and the Community in which they work

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