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The LG Tone Free Earbuds come fitted with latest technology, unrivalled comfort

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LG electronics now boasts of one of the smartest wireless earbuds in the market; the LG HBS-FN6 wireless earbuds. The earbuds incorporate an embedded UVnano system designed to kill bacteria on the speaker mesh that is inserted into your ear. Up to 10 minutes in the charging case, while plugged into a USB-C cable only, will kill the bacteria on the speaker mesh.


Besides the UVNano charging case, a no mean feat to mention is the wearing comfort that the Tone Free earbuds comprise of. The LG Tone Free are designed to stay in the ear in that the major weight rests on the ear hence this reduces the risk of falling off your ears. The earbuds are made of soft non-toxic material, which provides users with confidence and comfort.


And while everyone else worries about the Battery life of their earbuds, the LG HBS-FN6 wireless earbuds offer up to 6 hours of play with charging case providing another 12 hours of music playback via two 30-minute recharges. Five minutes of charging provides up to 60 minutes of battery life. Charging case also supports Qi wireless charging technology.

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To support the awesome technology is the LG Tone Free Application. To effectively use these earbuds, it is highly recommended that you download and install the Application to your phone. With this App you can view the battery status of each earbud, manage sound settings as well as customize your earbuds according to your needs and preference.


You may ask, what happens if I misplace or lose my LG Tone Free earbuds? Well, with technological advancements, come solutions. You don’t have to worry anymore about a lost or misplaced earbud.

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If you lose one or both earbuds, you can find the lost earbud using the LG Tone Free Application on your phone. When the find my earbud, function is activated on the phone through the application and the earbuds are within Bluetooth range, the earbuds will produce a high-pitched sound almost like a chirping sound.


Using the Application, you can always customize and specify on which side of the earbud the sound will be played to retrieve the earbud. Be it the left or right earbud your problem will be instantly solved.

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If you thought that was all then you thought wrong. For the very first time in the industry, LG has incorporated a technology no one else has thought of before. The LG Tone Free earbuds feature a germ-killing technology with its UVNano bacteria killing technology. As soon as you place your earbuds in their case, they are not only automatically charged but they are sanitized thus you can always share your earbuds with friends and family without the fear of contracting bacteria.

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