VIDEO: Krissy Pamba Is Running Away From Love

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Krissy Pamba popularly known as K. Pamba is a charming lady with an euphonious voice who has recently released a new single; Runaway, 21st October2021.


Runaway is about a marriage falling apart. The wife is stuck in a loveless marriage and She is trying to get him to see that he’s losing her.


“Look at me

I tell you we’re losing the fire

siwezi kuchukuwaaa hii!

haunipi mapenzi required”


The video shows the current state of the husband and wife and also shows the wife starting to fantasize about being with another man.


Runaway was written by Matthew Miller, Vince Henderson and K. Pamba


Runaway offers a flawless combination of RnB style, great vocals, artistic arrangement and production.

A fan on YouTube had this to say “I felt it when you said ‘love your wife or another man will’..”


Runaway was Composed/produced: MVP productions, Video Directed by: Mr. Good Evening ,Video Edited by : J Blessing (Pink Lab)

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