SGA Security: In Memory of the ‘Founding Father’ Five Years on

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July 13 2016, a day etched in the memories of many who knew SGA Security Founding Father Mr. Edmond Van Tongeren who passed on at the age of 80. Fondly known as EVT, the Founding Father left an indelible mark that continues to be felt as the private security firm celebrates 51 years of existence with presence in East Africa and servicing security contracts throughout the continent.


On this day, five years ago, SGA fraternity remembers his legacy that lives on in the over 20,000 personnel working respectively across major towns in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.


Passionate about giving back to the society, EVT transformed people’s livelihoods both directly and indirectly to enable them have socio-economic sustainability. This reflects the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) pillar that was established in his name to empower livelihoods through various sectors such as education, healthcare, employment opportunities and the larger community projects. His deep-rooted desire to fulfil his aspirations reflects in SGA today.


In a statement from the firm’s Board of Directors, Management and Staff, EVT was lauded as a pioneer with a great personality that valued friendship and showed great respect, love and concern in equal measure to those he interacted with.


“Today, the SGA Security family remembers the fifth anniversary of the passing of the company’s Founder Mr. Edmond Van Tongeren. Our Founder lived 80 very full years, leaving as his legacy an organization that continues to provide stable employment and contributes significantly to the economic and social fabric of East Africa.

Today, this company employ over 20,000 human staff across our presence in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania regions and indirectly impact the livelihoods of over 100,000 people whilst continuing to aspire to the highest levels of the security industry.

Thanks to EVT’s selfless efforts and passion, SGA is celebrating 51 years of offering exemplary service. He was a man of many talents and interests, a great family man, Engineer, adventurer and entrepreneur, benefactor and a friend to many from walks of life. His example continues to inspire the SGA fraternity to fulfil his vision.”


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The late Edmond van Tongeren Founder SGA Security 2 1
The late Edmond Van Tongeren Founder SGA Security. PHOTO/COURTESY


Formerly Factory Guards, SGA continues to leverage advancing technology to enhance security of assets through various security solutions in Guarding, Cash in Transit (CIT), Alarm Response, Control Room, Dog Handling, Projects/ Events Security, VIP Close Protection, Tracking & Tracing, Health and Safety and Technical Security Solutions (CCTV, Access Controls, Electric Fencing, Alarms and Fire Detection) and Courier Services.

EVT’s legacy lives on!

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